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Pearce House is a 3-bed independent residential WRAP program. Our mission is to create caring communities where people seeking mental health find hope, compassion, and excellent clinical care. Our program strives to meet our residents where they are at, rather than where they should be. CSC’s ongoing goal is to provide our residents with every opportunity to direct their own recovery.

Man and woman in 20s and 30s wearing aprons and measuring flour at stainless steel workstation as classmates stand in background.

Life at Pearce House

Pearce House is unique in its holistic approach and the way we partner with each person with who we are privileged to work and create a customized treatment plan. Pearce House helps individuals heal, create change and develop new strategies for moving forward. All of this is supported by a compassionate and experienced staff. The residential setting offers participants a refuge where they can focus on their clinical work, contemplative practices, life skills, and wellness.

The family-like atmosphere of Pearce House is a major therapeutic tool, providing increased quality of life and continued growth.


Residents live in individual rooms or a live-in apartment while participating in a program of therapeutic activities, supportive relationships, and psychiatric treatment.

Common Areas

At the residence, participants live communally, manage their space, prepare meals and clean together in a manner similar to home. The group setting provides a safe space to recognize and work on relationships and behavior patterns while identifying and drawing out strengths on their journey toward wellness. Our program’s home-like atmosphere and a strong sense of community, help residents build self-esteem, develop relationships, and improve life skills.

Contact Information & Directions

Physical Mailing Address:
63 Construction Hill Road
Williamstown, VT 05679

Phone: 802-433-5328
Fax: 802-433-5425

Guidelines for our person-centered approach

Pearce House believes when people are actively involved with their care, they experience improved clinical outcomes. To include fewer hospitalizations, better able to manage complex chronic conditions, seeking appropriate supports, and experiencing reduced anxiety and stress.

1. Treat people with dignity, compassion, and respect.

2. Provide coordinated care, support, and treatment.

3. Offer personalized care, support, and treatment.

4. Enable service users to recognize and develop their strengths and abilities, so they can live an independent and fulfilling life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visitation is a right for all residents. We ask for 24 hours’ notice for actual visitations and remain flexible within this structure to meet resident needs. All visits occur between 8 am and 8 pm and they follow the guidelines of the CDC, VDH as well DAIL, with ongoing monitoring and attention to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pearce House, part of CSC, observes core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention. These principles are maintained throughout each of the phases of the LTCF Operational Guidance that DAIL updates regularly, in accordance with current virus activity and the vaccination rates in the community. CSC leadership and Pearce multidisciplinary team meet weekly to monitor ongoing compliance with the recommendation of this guidance, as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our COVID Protocols.

Residents at Pearce House come from all walks of life. All residents at Pearce House are adults who are transitioning from hospitalization to the community. During their stay here, some choose to share their skills with Pearce House, by engaging in daily life skills, such as cleaning, cooking, and gardening. Residents when applicable have jobs in our communities. VPS pays a resident who works onsite, while residents who work outside get paid by their respective employers.

This is a big part of Pearce House’s day-to-day living. Trips outside the program go beyond just medical or therapy appointments, residents enjoy outside activities that are a normal part of most of our lives. This includes activities such as fishing, long walks, visiting the state capital, visits with family, attending religious services, attending local mountaineer’s baseball games, going out to eat, and more. Activities such as grocery shopping afford the opportunity for supporting life skills around budgeting, healthy food choice, cooking skills, and independent living. Depending on the individual resident’s level of supervision, staff or family may allow for transportation by someone else other than our staff.

At Pearce house, staff work with residents on menu planning and cooking. As we continue to learn about the impact of nutritional meal planning and the effects on one’s physical and mental health, this remains a priority as we continue to grow our product knowledge and build partnerships with local sources. We of course meet each individual resident “where they’re at” to include any dietary needs they may have.

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