Creating caring communities where people seeking mental health find hope, compassion, and excellent clinical care

Collaborative Solutions is a leading provider of long-term recovery residences for people seeking treatment for mental health and co-occurring disorders. We welcome people from all walks of life to experience outstanding care at our three Vermont locations.

Second Spring South

Our Recovery Residence in Williamstown

Our Recovery Philosophy

Our recovery philosophy is simple: We believe that with personalized treatment, opportunities for growth, support, and a nurturing environment, all individuals can grow, thrive, and heal from emotional distress, illness or injury. Our staff and residents work together to create a shared community of mutual respect, recovery and safety.

Woman looking through the window at sunset. She is alone and looks a little ad or depressed.

Resident Support Resources

Collaborative Solutions is dedicated to helping residents develop and implement personal recovery plans that support them in becoming independent, contributing members of their communities. We offer:

  • Nursing, psychiatric, clinical, and case management services
  • Creative therapies such as art, writing, music
  • Group activities such as  cooking, exercise, caring for animals, and more
  • Nutrition programs
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Collaborative Solutions is one of the first companies I’ve worked for that has actually shown the level of care and consideration for its employees that I think most places should strive for. The thoughtfulness they put into their decision making and the strides they make to communicate intention with staff is invaluable. I really feel cared for and involved, and I appreciate the work they do to give staff opportunities to speak up and have their voices heard.

Second Spring South Meadow

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