Community Integration

Transition Period for New Residents

You will be welcome to join your peers on community outings based on your ability to be safe
and remain in behavioral control. You will be placed on a 1:1 safety status for the first 24 hours
following your arrival during which time you will not be able to join community outings. You will
then be placed on 15-minute checks and will eventually gain grounds privileges. Staff will work
with you to make changes to your supervision status based on our clinical observations.

Being Approved for Community Integration

There is no set timeline for participating in community outings. Readiness is determined on an
individual basis based on your ability to remain in behavioral control. If you are engaging in your
recovery and maintaining safe behavior, you will be able join community outings. If you are
unable to remain in good behavioral control, you will not be approved to do so.

Community Integration

Note: outings and activities are subject to change based on environmental factors, milieu safety,
and staffing. If an event is canceled, we will do our best to schedule a rain date.

Daily Activities

There will be opportunities for you to participate in community outings on most days. These
outings can be as simple as shopping trips to the local store or walks in the neighborhood.
Successful community integration is a factor in moving forward in your recovery towards
discharge. To complete our program, you will learn to safely navigate the community in a variety
of environments.

Meetings and Transportation

We ask that you let staff know about outings you would like to go on at least a day in advance so
that we can plan accordingly. Staff will notify you when a plan is established. In some cases, you may have to wait until the following day based on scheduling needs. Treatment related outings always take priority. You will be asked to work with your case manager to plan trips to visit family.

Passes and Protocols (including 1-2-hour passes)

After you progress through the various safety supervision statuses you will have the ability to go
on passes (independent outings to the community, to visit friends or family, etc.). This process
happens gradually as the clinical team works with you to determine when you are ready to go
out on your own. To start, passes occur in 1–2-hour increments. You will create a safety plan with your case manager when you move towards this stage.

When you achieve the ability to go on passes, you must fill out a pass request form and submit it
to nursing and/or your case manager at least 24 hours before your requested outing (see
Resident Pass Form). Additionally, if you join your peers on a community outing, you may choose not to remain with staff – you will need approval from clinical/nursing staff and to plan with staff who are supervising the outing to agree upon a time and place to reconvene.