Visiting Policy

Download our Visiting Policy in PDF format

Second Spring Community Recovery Center supports and encourages resident’s relationships with friends and family. These persons are vital to the process of recovery. The following guidelines have been developed to balance welcoming visitors to the home and ensuring that Second Spring remains a safe and effective treatment

  1. Guests are welcome between 8am and 8 pm daily.
  2. If a resident has an out-of-town guest, or a special occasion, he or she may ask for an exception from the Program Director.
  3. Residents may invite a guest or guests for up to three meals a month at Second Spring at no charge. We will require 24 hours notice when a guest is coming for a meal.
  4. While in the home, guests are expected to follow the rules of the home.
  5. We ask that guests check in with staff if they wish to take a resident out of the house.
  6. A situation may arise within the home that requires staff to ask a guest to leave. If this occurs, we ask that guests honor the request. You may speak with the Director about any situation that might have been uncomfortable at a later date.
  7. Second Spring welcomes feedback and ideas from friend and family members. We aim to continually improve the services we provide to residents.