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Second Spring South is a 16-bed intensive residential recovery program that’s mission is to create caring communities where people seeking mental health find hope, compassion, and excellent clinical care. Our program strives to meet our residents where they are at, rather than where they should be. CSC’s ongoing goal is to provide our residents with every opportunity to direct their own recovery.

Exterior of Second Spring South house

Life at Second Spring

When people think about mental wellness and what that means to them of course it’s individualized and personal. Our Second Spring South facility works very hard to bring that to life for each and every resident that comes into our program.

Our staff which includes a creative arts therapist, music therapist and more are inspired to bring activities like gardening, sports, yoga, meditation, fishing, music, etc., to continue the wellness we are all looking for. Residents have the opportunity to create activities that are empowering to them and share with our program’s community.

As stated above, CSC believes that empowering our residents to direct their own recovery can be highly beneficial. Residents are welcomed to be included in treatment team meetings involving Psychiatrist, Therapist, Nurse, Recovery Partner, and community services (designated agency Case Manager). Staff often obtain therapeutic value out of supporting activities like tea time, reading groups, spices from around the world, etc.

second spring indoor room

Our Rooms

Each of our rooms is furnished with a private bathroom, bed, dresser, nightstand, chair, pillows, and blankets. There is access to televisions and wifi in our spacious commons areas. All utilities are included in the cost of the room which includes heat, hot water, electricity, laundry, linen services, and more.

outdoor common area

Common Areas

Every resident has full access to all common areas. They are equipped with televisions, stereo equipment, piano, books, computers, and internet access. Whether it is enjoying time with other residents or finding a quiet place to read, our common areas help provide a sense of community.

Contact Information & Directions

Physical Mailing Address:
118 Clark Road
Williamstown, VT 05679

Phone: 802-231-4016
Fax: 802-433-1309

Frequently Asked Questions

South welcomes visitors within the hours of 8 am and 8 pm, upon arrival visitors are to check in at the central office and log in.

Our Program observes core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention, these principles are maintained throughout each of the phases of the LTCF Operational Guidance that DAIL updates regularly. In accordance with current virus activity and the vaccination rates in the community. CSC leadership and SSS multidisciplinary team meet weekly to fine-tune compliance with the recommendation of this guide since the COVID-19 situation evolves. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our COVID Protocols.

Residents are encouraged and have the opportunity to connect with Vermont Psychiatric Survivors who support people working. Once residents are set up they have the ability to choose what work they would like to be involved in for example cleaning, cooking, landscaping, etc. If that works well for our residents they also have the ability to take their talents into the community and work.

Residents are encouraged to work with their clinical team to get as much community integration as possible. Once residents are approved to go out into the community, staff are ready and willing to work on what that may look like, for example, residents may want to go downtown and walk around or residents may have an interest in going to the local shopping center to peruse around. Staff will provide transportation for approved outings but there may be exceptions that will also need to be approved prior.

Here at Collaborative Solutions we acknowledge the integral role that nutrition plays in recovery. So often, those of us who are most vulnerable, also face food insecurity, and malnourishment, yet another obstacle to overcome. More and more, studies are coming out showing the correlation between sound mental and physical health with the choices we make around food.  We make every effort to meet our residents where they are at with nutrition and encourage through menu planning and one on one interactions, making one healthy choice at a time because what we put into our bodies affects the core of our beings. Through a program of engagement, education, and empowerment, we help our residents take ownership over these choices which have such a powerful effect on our mental and physical health. 

We model these healthier choices with our menu planning. Our kitchens at Second Spring offer lunch and dinner prepared daily, as well as a hot breakfast 3 mornings a week. Additionally, we keep a well-stocked pantry of cold breakfast choices and snacks, as well as a prepared snack twice a day, after lunch and after dinner. We invite our residents to get engaged in menu planning and meal preparation, as well as offering opportunities to learn how to cook, for those who would like to. 

Second Spring is able to accommodate food preferences as well as allergies. We work with our staff and residents to form plans around the specific needs of each person.

Our friendly and accommodating kitchen staff are here to make Second Spring a pleasant experience and an opportunity for growth for all residents and staff

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