Guidelines & Expectations

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  1. It is expected that all members of the Second Spring Community, residents, guests, peer supports and staff, treat themselves and each other with respect.
  2. All members of the Second spring community are expected to participate in maintaining a
    safe environment. Violence can hurt and frighten others and damage property. It is
    prohibited at Second Spring. If you need help controlling violent urges, talk to one of the
  3. Alcohol and illicit drugs are prohibited at Second Spring
  4. Tobacco use is not allowed inside the home. There is a designated smoking area outside.
    Residents may not smoke anywhere on the grounds at Second Spring but in the designated
    smoking area. Residents are expected to dispose of cigarette butts in ashtrays available for
    that purpose.
  5. There are phones available for residents’ use on the first and second floors of the home.
    The resident number is 802-433-5982. Residents may make local calls but are expected to
    be respectful if others are waiting to make calls. Residents wishing to make long distance
    call may purchase calling cards for this purpose. Residents wishing to obtain a private
    phone may contract with a Cellular service for a cell phone at their own expense.
  6. Residents are encouraged to attend the weekly resident meeting. This is a time when staff
    and residents will discuss future activities, discuss issues that have arisen in the community,
    resolve problems and celebrate successes.
  7. Meals are times when all members of the community can share good food and each other’s
    company. Residents are expected to join the community for meals. If a resident misses a
    meal, snack and supplies to makes sandwiches will be available in between meal times.
    Meal times:
    Breakfast: 7 am –8:30 am
    Lunch: Noon
    Dinner: 4:30 pm
  8. Coffee is available until 4:30 PM and then decaffeinated coffee is available. Residents may
    purchase their own coffee for use at other times however if caffeine ingestion is
    contraindicated, caffeine consumption may be addressed in a resident’s treatment plan and
    we may work with a resident to reduce caffeine consumption.